Apr 012016

The first time I saw this piece of street-art I was quite taken aback. At the time it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, under an unappealing but functional concrete bridge on the by-pass in Kilkenny

Since then the area has been developed with a super-duper raised walk along by the river Nore from the city and a pedestrian bridge which runs directly beneath the road bridge.

This first image was the one that surprised me

Street Art

Street Art

This is how it looks from the super-duper pedestrian bridge


Pedestrian Bridge

Sep 042014

Name this very pretty little Irish village.

Click on the image to leave your guesses in the comments box beneath or checkout the clues below

Irish Village

Irish Village

Here are some clues if you’d like to narrow your guess…

1. It’s in Co Kerry

2. The signpost says Kenmare 35 km

3. It’s on the N571

Click here for the answer and map