Feb 122017
Connecting to Nature

The greater our connection to our environment the more it teaches us.  January daylight hours are short and often cold; winter’s darkness is a time for rest, rejuvenation, stillness and going within Our January countryside is quite, tight, tucked in and still – reflective.  Low winter light varies from clear, bright & colourful to dense and grey – […]

Nov 302016
Frosty Morning Sunrise

There are many advantages to rising early and leaving with time to spare.  This morning on my way to work, I felt compelled to pull over and capture our amazing sunrise, albeit on a mobile phone but nevertheless, I was delighted with the shot Our sun rose out of the mist, sneaking above the horizon, […]

Oct 102016
Ballinasloe Horsefair - On the Street

While the main business of Ballinasloe Horsefair took place in the Fairgreen, there was a sense of festival on the streets. Street Traders lined all the streets off the Fairgreen, a band played on the square, people relaxed enjoying both the music and the sunshine of the day while buskers performed on the sidestreets  

Oct 092016
Ballinasloe Horsefair - People

Ballinasloe Horsefair is not just about showing and trading horses, it’s also about the people who own the horses It’s about the men who stand in the middle of the Fairgreen and hold their horses, those who led their horses through the throngs and those who rode their horses with saddle & bareback It’s about […]

Oct 072016
Ballinasloe Horsefair

Ballinasloe Horsefair is one of the oldest and largest horsefairs in Europe dating back to the 18th century.  I was there on Sunday and found it a mesmerising experience of sight & sound – exhausting & exhilerating at the same time I photographed horses & people, posed and candid and will upload a selection over […]