Welcome to One Eye Half Shut, my online photo album and occasional blog.

Horsetail Fern

Horsetail Fern

I have many thousands of images stored on hard drives, some I haven’t seen since I downloaded them from the camera and even then it was just a passing glance.

Photographic Archive

Going through my archives recently in an effort to create more space, I began to work on some of the images and learn photo editing in more detail at the same time.   As I continue with this project I expect there will be quite a mix of images but landscape and nature will probably out-number the others.

My photographic interests are mainly ‘Social’, ‘Cultural’, ‘Heritage’ & ‘Environmental’.   I expect there will be a thread or some common base that will hold them together.


Along side these I enjoy exploring and occasionally revealing the past through genealogy with a peppering of history but almost always from a social perspective

Image Sharing

There’s little point in taking the photographs and editing them if they cannot be enjoyed?   To that end, One Eye Half Shut is my album and my exhibition space.

Well, that’s the ‘why’ and the ‘how’! So here we are ready to rock!

Digital Memories

Photographs hold memories for me, this shot of the fruiting body of a horsetail fern  was taken during a woodland walk with my daughter on a ‘Mother’s Day Sunday a few years ago.   I’m always fascinated by the beauty in the little things that sometimes go  unnoticed under our feet, a close inspection of the full sized image  reveals the pollen grains gathered on it’s surface.

If you like or don’t like an image or you have anything you’d like to say about it, please don’t be shy.  Leave a comment or send a message through the form on Contact and let us have your  opinion.

Thank you for visiting One Eye Half Shut, I hope you enjoyed your time here.